If Only There Was a Way You Could Scale Your Business Without Feeling Out of Control, Stressing Over Managing The Team or Constantly Worrying About Cash Flow... well as knowing you were building a really valuable business that will ultimately give you the Freedom you crave...

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Perhaps you’re a born Entrepreneur, or perhaps it’s something that has developed over time. Either way, there are many different reasons why we decide to run our own businesses.  If you think for a moment about those reasons, I’ll guarantee that most if not all will come down to 2 words: Freedom and Control. The freedom and control for example to choose the kind of work we want to do, with the kind of people we want to work with, the freedom and control to choose the hours we work and play and to earn the kind of money that we think we should earn.

By now you’ve probably realised that it doesn’t always work out like we imagined. 

Most of us find it is not that easy and get caught in something we call the owner’s trap – where we have created the kind of business that is over-reliant on us the owner.  This kind of business is difficult if not impossible to control and scale beyond a certain point and before long we can feel that the business is controlling us rather than the other way around.

In the last 5 years we have worked with over 450 business owners and helped deliver on average a 29% increase in turnover and 36% increase in profits within the first 12 months.  We score 9.2 feedback out of 10 and 74% Net Promotor Scores (if you know NPS you will know that’s pretty good!) - and we aim to double the value each business we work with within 2 years.

We do that by providing a rock-solid system for building value and scaling up businesses – helping business owners like you to grow profits, increase value and improve control with the ultimate aim of gaining the freedom and control you sought when you started out in business.

Our goal is to help YOU to spread your wings – to inspire you through collaboration to AIM HIGHER, and ACHIEVE more by unlocking your true potential. 

Clients are attracted to working with us because they share 3 strong desires. See if any or all of these three resonate with you...

  1. Wanting proven strategies and systems they could follow to scale their company.
  2. Needing a sounding board of their peers who can share their experiences and help overcome barriers to scaling up.
  3. Knowing they can get distracted so see value in being held accountable to get more done!

On this website you'll find a number of free resources you can watch, download and learn from to help you on your journey, plus interviews with business owners who have experienced some of what we offer.

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Get Free Instant Access

Get access to our 2-part video on the ScaleUp Journey & the 4 Pillars
(& bonus coupon to our online training course on ‘Creating  a Powerful Vision for your Business’ ) 

What We are About

BizSmart gives business owners wings through a rock-solid system for building value and scaling up. 

Fundamentally we are about helping business owners of small and medium sized businesses to create the kind of business that gives them the freedom and control they were looking for when they decided to strike out on their own – and ultimately gain the quality of life they were seeking.  So it is about helping them to spread their wings and soar gracefully!

What drives us?  We know how hard it can be running our own businesses.  Even when we have a team behind us and a ‘successful’ business we know how isolated we can feel sometimes and how frustrating it can be.  And we’ve seen and heard so many stories of business owners who have put their heart and soul into their business over many years only to walk away with nothing or very little when they step away – because they haven’t understood well enough how to create lasting value in their business.  We know that we can make a big difference through the support we offer.

We do this largely through peer to peer support underpinned by a proven rock-solid scaleup system.  We are harness the widely recognised benefits of Mastermind groups with a structured approach (or Flight Plan) aimed at ensuring we are kept on track to scaling up and value building fundamentals.

Everything we do is underpinned by our core values

  1. Value based – ensuring we and our business owners base our decisions around creating value and not short termism
  2. Inspiration through Collaboration – working together to inspire each other and harness the power of collective thinking
  3. Impact/ Making a difference –action focused against key priorities that will get us all closer to our goals – the rocks not the pebbles and the sand
  4. Accountability – keeping each other accountable to what we say we will do – in a supportive way
  5. Insight & Clarity – ensuring laser focus to see the wood from the trees and ensure we always have our destination in mind – keeping sight of our ‘why’

So that’s our ‘why’ but how and what do we do and who do we help?                  

In terms of who, we help already successful owners of ‘Owner Managed’ small and medium sized businesses with typically between 2 and 30 employees looking to build/ scale a significant business that will give them options in the future when they eventually decided to exit.

More specifically:

You are a business owner or MD of a small/ medium sized business (typically large enough to have ‘people’ issues but not so large that you already have a full board of directors with NEDs),

You are committed to scaling your business and creating a valuable business – one that will give you options in the future,

  • You are open to new ideas and ways of thinking,
  • You recognise that ‘many heads’ are better than one/ that you may not have all the answers
  • You are willing to get involved in helping other credible business owners.

Some of the things our business owners say they are looking for include:

  • A Sounding Board/ guidance, ideas, feedback, tried and tested solutions from people they rate and can come to trust/ rely on
  • Peer support
  • Inspiration, Motivation, Passion and Accountability
  • A structured and collaborative approach to scaling up and creating a valuable business
  • Breaking free from the ‘Owner’s Trap’ – a business that is overly reliant on us as the owner
  • An executive board bringing in external perspectives

Essentially this is what we offer - Our Flight Academy is a collaborative business scaleup program that re-kindles and keeps business owners passionate, focused and confident while building a thriving company. Our innovative program of support creates ongoing certainty of direction and clarity of purpose in owners, whilst giving an ongoing sounding board of peers who also help each other to stay accountable and stay on track. And we are with each other on that journey every step of the way. What we strive towards is building a high-value business that the owner enjoys running, is more attractive to investors (so more likely to be able to access finance to support growth) and maybe even one day sells for a fortune!

And by the way, did I mention that our Flight Academy programme is patent pending?!

We know what we do works and we can prove the results.  If you are serious about achieving your ambitions then we can help you get there faster!

How ScaleUp Ready Is Your Business?
Watch Part 2 of the ScaleUp Journey for the 4 Pillars of Scaling Up!

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